December 12, 2007

A year old precious.

What happen when you dropped by at ShabbyChic’s and bought so much that you had to charge it to your Mastercard? :)

Addiction is all I can say............... *gasp*

A second layout (LO) I have done during my trial phase. Theme is also birthday, a 1st year old birthday bash for my baby daughter’s, last year in 2006. I am keeping it simplicity.

I ran out of ideas what to put on top of the 12×12 pink Cardstock, so I kinda stick some alphabet stickers and sow the “L” made out of ribbon and used a chipboard button and sow another green thread to make it an “a”. But then it looked funny! *heh*

I wonder if there are 10 more scrapbooking shops in Brunei….? ;)

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