January 13, 2008

Not so new

I guess its not too late for me to wish everyone Happy New Year 2008 and 1429 Maal Hijrah.

Its been a while. Been really hectic for me since last year. Time goes by so quick. I just realised I have not finished my friend's LO gift. I made one in commemoration of her *tut* sexy birthday on the recent 10th January 2008. Its almost finish but I don't know how to finish it haha. apakan. Nevermind, I'll see if I can finish it today............

I always wanted to drop by at Madang but always got a last minute change of plan. Partly due to not enough time and money factor - budget disapproval most of the time. hahaha. WOuld you believe I've only been there once? With a friend's invitation to join her class. Oh, i missed the tools. hehehe. So okay, if I go to scrapping shop, i must buy lots til i drop. hehe. Its super fun buying all the embellishments! :)

Notwithstanding my hectic life, I managed to do a digiscrap LO. Credits to Shabby Princess kits. Yes this is only for personal use and of course no commercial thingy. ;)

lil muffin with her serious look.

Its also fun doing the digi scrap. In fact its very much easier than scrapping the real ones. hehe. Okay this is purely my personal opinion but seriously, banarrr sanangggg! (truly piece of cake!) heheh of course you gotta have the digi kits, then its all in your hand.

More digiscraps coming. And hope to finish Alin's LO. yikes!

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