February 9, 2008


InsyaAllah will be attending this get-together for a good cause tomorrow afternoon..

honestly speaking, i have never done any tag making before, so surely tomorrow will be my first time. for all this while, i've only been scrapping with nothing but pictures! no tag making, no card making etc.. huhu... boringg type aku ahh!

to add the panic situation, i didnt realise that it has to a chipboard materials! errr.... and i heard at jazz is almost gone from their stock!! yikes!!

nonetheless, ive made an almost-finish-tag-but-not-sure-if-it-is-one just now with my limited chipboards and using a cardstock tag. errr... la~la~la. :)

im not sure if m in the right track here....heheheheh

scrapping rulezz! huhu

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