March 20, 2008

i have sinned......

...from spending! (more journaling after this song break..)

*Oh i so cant sleep~ Had a cup of mocha earlier~ That should explained~ My very wide eyes~~

*pretend to sing like Joss Stone :P

Seriously, i feel like on drugs. My eyes are tired but i just cant sleep. Not after 3AM!!! It has been a week. I think I need to visit the sleep clinic! huhu.. or the snoring clinic! LOL!!

I dropped by at SC during lunch today and tried to refrain myself from buying any sb products until next week. Guess what happened? Guess! hehe Yep yep yep!! I did buy some of their new arrivals especially the AC Thickers-Felt stickers!!! haha. OMG I so cant help myself... thousand apologise to me. ..... NOT! Meanwhile, hubby was so "supportive" that he had to say later that afternoon when i told him about my "spendng sin", "better open your own shop lah...spend and earn at the same time from there..." (err....not exactly the words but okay something like that..)

heh. i would, someday. LOL!! i wissshhh~~ hehehe! And was mentioning this to Alin to name the dream shop as DroolinScrap. heeee corny.

Oh okay i feel tired already.

Oh, received several MMS from my sis in KB showing off my one month old niece, Dania. My gosh was i surprised to see the major difference of her look than a week ago!


After (a month)

er... Sleep tight me.

Oh to all Muslims, Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul 1429H.

Yes its a public holiday!

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