April 13, 2008

fun beach outing

Here's my precious baby having a good time at Muara Beach this morning.

We had so much fun having the family picnic with my sister's groupie! It was unfortunate that both our parents weren't joining us. Despite the very hot and sunny weather, the kids didnt seem to mind that. We also had our own so-called beach volleyball game with this really light plastic ball that only costs $2.00! LOL! Imagine the windy day and with such ball... hehe

My little nephew was a really happy boy today and gave me this
endearing wide smile! If you look closely, its hard to see his white pearls. Thats because he hasnt any! hehe... and he is almost two this year.
Not to worry baby, the pearls will emerge sooner or later..... :P

BUT isnt he adorable??

I managed to finish a 12x12 layout of my precious just now. Something funny happened. I didn't do any sketch for my layout then. Well its more like never! hehe! So i decided to test my new paint i bought at SC some time ago. I actually didnt plan to use the paint but somehow husband practically commenting on my LO about being too plain. He rarely make any comments about my scrapwork though (besides my scrapping area! LOL!). So I thought why not i just paint on the "Plain" area. Really unfortunate that I really SUCK at paintings! HAHAHA LOL!!

The moral of my blog today is, never do any a paint job without the direction of an expert! LOL!!

Nevertheless, here's to share :)


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Nadhrahm said...

Your LOs are so lovely...love them all