April 18, 2008

SK Mini Challenge April

To the scrapbook challenge seeker, and still haven't join the Scrappin Kids Forum, feel free to drop by and enjoy the fun chats and various challenges there!

For this April, apart from the UNiK Challenge, they also running a mini challenge. It was hosted by Jazz. The mini challenge this time is to create a layout featuring at least 2 of the HAPPY Colours such as Tangy Orange, Yellow Burst, Yummy Pink and Frog Green!

If you may notice, most of my layouts picked were quite vibrant in colors and i deemed it to be HAPPY COLOURS! *hehe*

Here's mine to share!

yeah i know, cant get enough of Muara Beach! LOL!

On a happy note, the sisters are buying for me some of the laced cardstocks all way from Laines! I cant wait!! And so jealous lahhh!! arghhh hehehe

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feli said...

love the colours vivs! and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)