May 18, 2008

another rambling

...please dont go away. nyehehehe!

whoaaa....we had a small crop session again yesterday and this time at Ka Jazz crib. As usual, Renoa (who is yet to create her blog! hehe!!) and myself were the early birds as session supposed to start at 2pm. We browsed through her stocks again but i tried so hard not to spend so much as i am awaiting for her next arrivals next week! yeay!! Go here for updates.

We were supposed to have 3 challenges but due to time restraint, there were only 2 challenges *PHEW*. 1st challenge was to revamp a little ordinary notebook cover. 2nd challenge was to produce a layout but using pictures of the next person sitting to us. So i had to do Renoa's while Mac had to do mine. It was super fun plus nervous trying to catch up the time! We had a big laughed when one of us blurted out "I do I do" as "edo edo". I presumed the migraine effect she had earlier..hehe!! :)

Here's a couple of images from my creations yesterday.

pardon of the qualities as i was using my HP cam only yesterday.

oh the winners from yesterday were Alin for 1st challenge and Mac for 2nd Challenge! Way to goo girlss!!

TFL :)

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