May 25, 2008

Unproductive minus Un.

Ohh its just one of those days when you are feeling unproductive. I have been a lazy bum lately. Not doing a single layout or other crafty stuffs since the last crop date at SBD together with some great scrapping friends! Oh miss you gals........

However, managed to produce a couple of handmade birthday presents for a friend. She was having her grand party at Indera Kayangan last night and it was a blast especially the Drag Show! Sort of hilarious though as I just cant stop laughing how the drag queens imitated some of the famous celebs like Geri Halliwell, Mulan Jameela and Rihanna! :D

hope she likes 'em...

Also done this using Stuck Sketches #38.

'Alya's {playtime} with Barney & friends

Meanwhile, Mac and I managed to drop by at SBD Ka J this morning and spent! Cant help drooling over B&B wood crafts but I have a very tight budget at the moment... and due to this, some of us decided to join the no-sb-shopping for a period of time club! *haha* BUT yeah seriously we gonna start doing that this June! Well just give it a month torture aights. LOL!

lovee loveee!!

a PP RAK from Mac.. thanks so much babe! :D

and a mini RAK from Wati for the Introduction SK Forum.
Thanks so much babe! :D

Pandachu tagged me to post 6 unimportant facts about myself...... hmmm thanks for got me thinking Panda! hee hee...

1. I love ice lemon tea A LOT!
2. I hate decision making for myself but sometimes working as a personal assistant makes me deciding on behalf of the boss!
3. I dislike house lizard or any squiggly things! ewww
4. I cannot stand people who cut queues especially if its my turn. I'd rather poke him/her on the shoulder and said "Hey queue up like everybody else lahh!"
5. I seem to be the quiet type but can be bubbly among some close friends.
6. I had a c-section for my first baby and the stitches still painful...... ouch!

Now I am tagging this to Alin, Mac, Poinz, Dina, Renoa & Anna!! Have fun girlss! *heeeeeee*

Had a family function earlier and m still bloated from all the refreshments and junk snacks.....LOL!

Take care and TFL :)

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iza said...

lovely bday card.ur fren very lucky to hv u viv.
playtime lo, so cute.shes having a good time
hv fun with ur stash k.
: )