June 12, 2008

Moving on

I wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciations to sweet friends who left comments in this hug post. I know some of you weren't after the RAK but your words definitely made my friend (and me!) felt appreciated and relieved. Although we might faced different situation/scenario but the feeling remains mutual...we healed and move on.

As such, I have decided to give those RAK to her {big sis}, being the hurt friend I've mentioned in my post. Hope that make her day......... :) Scrap away now babe and forget the past! *hee*

Did this tag for my lil sister. shes been nagging on me about making this for weeks!! huhu...finally gave her on her birthday. she was absolutely excited. now, kids do appreciate the little things in their life......

Okay, i am totally drooling over October Afternoon.......... sigh

C-Box Replies:

Poinz: Sorry that made you "scared" with my SC post reviously...but thats what a scrapbooker life must face..*haha*

She: What unique about scrapbook is, you are allowed to "borrow" other scrappers stash and some of us dont even mind! For a brief scrapbook beginner's guide, you dont have to shop til you drop, just buy some basic tools and youre on the SCRAP! :) An addiction only applies to create more layouts and albums. Shopping is just a bonus *ahaks*

Hany: anytime babe! :)

Foxyzzz: LOL! I am also very much surprised ka an! and i also dont even get one stamp! huhu...

Alin: woohooo!! congrats 2 u 2 babe! and we must create more layouts this month!!


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