June 7, 2008

Temptations killed

We have been very bad at inventing rules. I guess rules made to be broken lol!

Right! We trios kept saying over and over not to do any stash shopping for this month. I managed to hold up my cravings then but not until yesterday-We dropped by at SC! Their recent new arrivals were almost gone but we have been informed that their next new arrivals are coming in by today! aiiyaiiyaiiyaiiiyaiiii~~ I may be safe to say that I can resist anything but temptations. LOL!

It is so fortunate that this time I only bought some necessary supplies from Rangers. Cool! Cant wait to do the next project! Maybe after tomorrow's tourney. Wish me luck guys!! So that we can win that cool Nike bags! :)

Here are the replies to my fellow cbox-ians:

Ka Jazz: Thanks ka J! All thanks to my cooperatively sweet models. Alin can be crowned as Runway Mom :)

Alin: Okay okay my runway mom model, L♥VE it is the perfect word. hugs babe! :)

Panda: Thanks Jess! No haven't started my Cupcakes kit yet.....been busy with life and sports ECA. Perhaps next week. I hope you also subscribed to them cupcakes too :)

Din: Bah Ka Din, will do yours next! ahaks! Thanks sweetie :)

and lastly,

Hany: Hehe you found me babe! Well scrapbooking is super duper fun. The feeling is really indescribable but since i knew about scrapbook, i never looked back. Its everything from the fun shopping, the feeling when you've completed your layout or mini albums (this is more fun if you do an album for your kids! *wink*), the new wonderful friends you've made as there is no stranger in scrapbook world (right girls?) and most precious is with scrapbook, you make regular photos more interesting with their own special stories in it. Mmm...i want to say more though but I will help you out if you are thinking about joining us. Do let me know if you ever change your mind ya! :)

Have a safe weekend!

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