August 12, 2008

I got tagged!

Here I am blogging early in the morning (pretending to do work related LOL) and I found out that Panda nominated and tagged myself another Kreativ Blogger award. Heee thanks dear! Also my sincere thanks to Mimiey of the Babehs as well for nominating the same. You certainly made my day ladies! :)

Well as i've mentioned in previous post, there are rules to this award and that you may have to nominate another 5/6 bloggers again. As such, I have been tagged twice (by Panda & Mimiey), I am tagging 10 bloggers again for this award. hehehe! yeah i made my own rules, my apologies :P

1. Mrs Addie

2. Shenun

3. Jazz

4. Wati B

5. Cabbie Jane

6. Liza Yet

7. Kwebbel

8. Issa

9. ChowChow

10. Emily

Have a safe week! ♥

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