September 29, 2008

Family keeps me alive..

Went to my sister's place today in K.B. Intended to celebrate my nephew's belated birthday (falls on 25th Sept.) after the Iftaar. Finally, I get to see them babies!!! Its been a week I didn't see them and that feels like a thousand years?? hehe.. As Hari Raya is just around the corner, and my sister wont be around on raya as she will be working on shifts (shucks!), I will see them babies even less now...*sigh* Looks like we have to travel one hour plus to see them instead.

Oh, also my sister requested to take a family photoshoot around their crib as well. Now this part, I must applaud to all photogs that works really well with the kids. Yes, Its really hard to keep the kids stay still, especially for a family portait.. LOL!

~* DD, DC & DN *~

~* the Bob's cake *~

~* A new songstress singing a birthday song for DC *~

~* Need I say more? *LOL* *~

~* precious DN, Dania *~

Happy 2nd Birthday my dearest DN, Zharfan!!


On a scrapbook related, didn't do much lately. I guess I'm plain lost it again. Nonetheless, here's something to share for ScrappingChix 1st Challenge. Quite simple, you just have to use up all your old & current stash (no new supplies) and create something out of it.

~* an accompanying gift for DN *~

Okay I have more layouts and an album to share but gotta rush now!



jazsutra said...

Hey Vivs im so glad u found me at websters.and added me s yr fren.itz from there that i managed to get to yr blog.i usually can't link bk to u fr my own blog.i duno y.and im not gd with pc stuffs.guess ure pretty good both with papers and digi!love yr header so cool!love yr work!beautiful!wl cum bk here soon;)

Vivs said...

Hi Jaz! Thanks for droppn by! Your work are sooo much amazing! :)

iris said...

Love this Vivs!! So full of details!