October 30, 2008

Not too shabby..


I feel a little bit better now after seeing the doctor this morning. However I am still on medication... Sincere thanks to my friends for the well wishes *hugs*

I forgot to share my altered bottle designed for Artz de Scrap October Challenge which I have done two days ago. Originally it was a yogurt drink Bliss plastic bottle. I wanted to create something different like Mr Pumpkin Head or something hallooweeny (muahahah! Yeah we don't celebrate halloween here) but had to think twice. heh. So I kinda did it in the usual way. Using Distress Crackle Paint (antique linen), I brushed off the upper part and let it dry naturally. I just loo♥oovee the effects these crackle paints do!

Wrapped up the middle and lower part with a pink net, a flower chipboard, a string of pearls, a ribbon, a black lace and a mesh wire. Put a vintage image and a pink heart shaped chipboard. Attached an "inspire" sticker to finish the whole process. Voila!


As notified earlier, I resubmitted a layout to Rough Draft Sketches (Sketch #3). Here's to share:

~* Timeless Cuties *~

Thanks for peeking...


Oh I just remembered Sasha tagged me a couple of days ago. Before that, I have been always inspired by her work. She has quite impressive resume and is also designing for several brands and some reknown scrapbooking and sketches sites. Go on check out her awesome blog!

Now here's the tagging rule which I cant recall if I ever done this before but perhaps I can do this again :)

(The rules….link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.)

1. I may seemed like the innocent quiet type of girl but I have quite a bad temper! I get annoyed easily and burst myself out! But not too worry, that only happens when I am under stress and having the never-ending headaches!

2. I do spring cleaning in our bedroom thrice a year. Yeah just 3 times a year and don't get me started on how often I do the laundry! I do ironing most of the time but not laundry although I prefer doing the laundry rather than ironing! Weird, I know.

3. DH and I haven't gone to the movies for the past years. We have made plans to go and watch at least one movie this month but in the end we changed our mind. Well there aren't any good movies worth my money lately (totally my personal opinion!) but my friends and I already made plans few months back to go and see Madagascar 2. Lets hope we make it this time. Hehs.

4. Although I got broke (especially when it comes to buying SB stuffs!) but there's always a way for me to make some extra dosh...ThankGod! I don't know if its just me, but my friends and I felt when we spent over than the budget for SB shopping, "Oh.. it's okay". But when it comes to buying to our needs like clothings and handbags, we had to think twice whether its worth to spend on something like this and that. *LOL*

5. I am a big fan of horror and scary movies. Then I found out my girl is also keen of watching horrors too! OH Gosh...... She's only two and she already watch these disgusting flicks! Look who's talking... Should I get help?

6. I used to hate anything coffee taste before the birth of my girl. But eversince she was born, I am hooked on to this caffeine beverages until now. I prefer Mocha over Latte though. But for morning breaks, I drink Nescafe (3in1).

7. I am now thinking that I don't really know how to answer this tagging questions as I can't really think on what I should write and state my factual habits. :p

There goes my so-called seven list. Don't know who to tag but feel free to post this in your own blog.

Rushin off to bed now cos i'll be reporting back at work tomorrow! Ciao

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alin said...

Haha u r so cute lah with u list.. ketawa ku jua lah. Yes i'm sure u'll watch Madagascar 2 cos m bringing u beb..it'll be Alya's 1st movie trip hehehe