November 9, 2008

Thank you all for the condolence messages left. Your kindness and sympathy at this time are more appreciated than any words can ever express by the close family of our late uncle.

Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process.
~ Anne Wilson Schaef~

So life goes on.


Anyway, took these photos last night after I passed on this soo very cute altered door hanger to my DD. Indeed, she was very pleased and extremely happy!! A little warning, this might be a long post.

Thank you Auntie Jazz! ♥

We absolutely loved it! :D

And my sincere thanks to the Wonderful Happy Scrappers for throwing a surprise birthday celebration (in advance) yesterday at Scrapbook Delights crop date! :D You all didn't have to do all this actually...*aisehmen* Haha! Nonetheless I sincerely appreciate the thoughts and efforts made then. I bet its killing you inside to keep this away from me???! I know the (lovely) mastermind behind this.... hehe! *hugs* Thanks my {powerpuff} Girlfriends!

Hehe! Picture this (and can be seen here too). I was really really puzzled by the birthday singing and the cake (YUMMYY CAKE BTW!!!) was actually for me whilst I was having my sweet moment doing some browsing in the inks box! Haha!! Talk about a shopaholic?? Will on to that later. :p

I also finally met Dazzle, Yati, Renee and Sherlene in person. They all were very nice and friendly too. :) And also Nadia ! Yayyss! Akhirnya dia tidak takut sama aku~~ hehehe!! Shes soo cutee, soo adorable, soo pretty in her curly hair! Thankgod I didnt gigit her though. heee

Got few pretty surprises too! Got a couple of custom made explosion boxes (perfect for mini albums!) from Your Sweetness Her Majesty, Poinz! *hugs*

They're soo conveniently pretty Woman! Thank you again! :)

Another surprise was from this sweet girl. In fact she surprised everyone of us. hehe!

Renoa created a mini card for all of us and this is a card for me!! Yayss!! :) Thanks babe! It was a sweet card and lovely notes inside too!

Here is also a LO made from the crop date. We only managed to do one LO though. But this is not just "my" LO, we swapped with others and incorporated the challenge called out by our none other than the talented her.

~* Simply Bloom *~

Every person has their own style. I love the look of this LO as it is especially the cluster of blue flowers tied with a ribbon. And you will not believe this was done by first-timer scrapbooker?? It may looked simple and easy, but I bet it took a lot of effort to even twist and swirled the ribbon.
Amazing work.

Remember this happy post? I finally received a couple of their Random Act of Kindness (RAK) in the end of the croppin date! Yayyss!! Lets see what I got.............. heee

This one yummy package was a winning gift from Scrappin Kids Marathon. It was a See d's Stamp Package! I amm soo loving this! Now got more reasons to do some stamping! And this RAK was sponsored by Scrapbook Delights.

Thank you Scrappin Kids and Scrapbook Delights (Brunei)!
ps. Thankgod she and she didnt manage to steal them away from me... muahahahaha! But we can always share... :)

Meanwhile, this another candies were RAKs from Scrap Inspire Create and Brunei Scrappers Forum for my Mini Pop Up Album. Let the picture speaks for itself. ;)

And not to forget, bought myself some new supplies too since Scrapbook Delights offered 20% to 50% discounts during its Open Day. Pretty much good bargain eh.

All in all, I had so very much FUN hanging out with the awesome regular croppers! Thank yous. We should do this again...but I guess not too soon. More expected surprises are coming in and it will be a very busy time for some of us. ;)

Good night everyone and a little note to self, live life to the fullest!


Benga said...

awesome goodies you got! i agree life goes on and we should enjoy it to the fullest coz we only live once, :)

Happy Monday!

jazsutra said...

Vivs,hope ure feeling sorry to hear abt yr uncle.u do takecare ya. and beautiful stuffs u post here.tfs...!

Edleen said...

my condolences Vivs...
hope you're all doing alright.

Wow, scrapping fun and shopping, looks Yummy! it's always great to have a get together and Enjoy :)