December 8, 2008

Eid Hajj Mubarak

First of all, Happy Eid al-Adha to all Muslims. May our lives be filled with happiness and be blessed with good things and continued prosperity and good health.


Sharing some shots from yesterday's charity sale event. It was scorching hot and I found myself a talent in face & hand paintings! LOL! The corner was like hot cakes. Soo many kids waiting patiently to be painted by us. hehehehe! Frankly, we are not even an expert in drawings! But we were soo glad the kiddos loved their new colors!

~* Waiting for customers *~

Alin and I were sharing one booth selling our stuffs. Although sales weren't so encouraging but we had sooo much fun. I had fun. She was there in the afternoon giving out prizes for a short quiz games session. And she also came together with her entourage. Soo glad they had fun too especially with the reptilias!! snakes for me! You should see the huge phython!!!! yawwwwwzaa!! All and all, thanks for coming to our first charity sale! Thanks for your support and sincerity helping the needy people. May Allah bless you all. :)
Now we are off to visit my cousin's residence. They're having open house in commemoration with the Aidiladha celebrations.
Laters my loyals. ♥

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