December 16, 2008


Oh yes thanks babe for reminding me that I'm back to the real world! hehehe!!

Still haven't recovered from shopaholic fever at
1Borneo thus less creative juices flowing for the time being... Unless I'm off to splurge some dosh at my LSS especially here! Got few stuffs in reserved basket which she, she and I have done feasting our eyes on the ne
w arrivals few weeks back! So I think I better take advantage of my "fever" before it heals...haha :p

Some shots to share.

A little tag on our luggage.

Ohh I love this shot of DD.
She was indeed my little poser (with that "peace" sign)! :)

My rating on this brief trip is 8/10. As some sections such as the Underwater world and Premier Bookstore hasn't open yet! *hmpf*
Have a great day ahead. Can't wait to see the girls tomorrow!!

And my scrapping space! *aaaahh* i miss you heaps


Edleen said...

Vivs, love that shot your dd too! can't wait to see what you're gonna do with it ;)

have a fun trip and enjoy the week!

naddy said...

lovely photos, esp the last one :)

Gracie said...

Hi Vivi1 Thanks for dropping by my blog. And Congrats for making it to the DT of Scrappin Kids. I always admire your work that's why I knew you were going to make it. Your DD is soo cute! Nice pics. :) Hope you& your family will enjoy the holidays as well.