December 22, 2008

Random :)

I was about to really enjoy the feeling of holidays but time flew so quickly. I will get back to work tomorrow...sigh. sigh.

sigh. :p

But good news is my Supervisor is on a loooong vacation too!! *grins* Still I gotta do some filings which I think is already piling up in the out tray!! *huhu*

I wanted to re-organise my scrapping area, my stash supplies, my papers, my etc etc but to no avail. Too lazy to even clean my table. LOL! Wanna take a peek of how it looks like when I am scrapping...? Not even my close friends realised how much mess I have made in there! *huhu*

If you cannot tolerate hideous sight, don't look! LOL

But all of these supplies, I am willing to share 'em with my friends if we do croppings together! Yeah I am not that stingy. Helps me lessen my supplies in a way. hee hee..

But I still need a bigger case to store my supplies. Perhaps like these:

Diane von Furstenberg Signature Luggage
(Perfect for a scrapbook retreat!)

or maybe just this?
Cropper Hopper leather faux patent tote *teehee*

What a class! Reminds me of Catwoman. miaww


Have I mentioned that I kinda have a low mojo right now? Despite of this, managed to complete few challenges held recently in the Groovie Scraps Cafe forum.

Handmade Cards using only PPs & CS by CK

12x12 LO using only 1 PP and other embellies by Liza

Layout scraplifiting with supplies used in her LO by Felicia

Thats all for tonight. Long day tomorrow.

Happy holidays! Yeah! Thanks for peeking in

Sooo cant wait for next crop HERE!! Pinks & Chocs?? nyumsss!! Ooohh babes~~~ you soo gonna miss this!!! :P

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