February 21, 2008

mixed emotions..

These tags were made by a good friend, Alin. It was meant for the scrapping kids charity drive but she got carried away and made another two for her lovely sons. Awww….really sweet and surely one hot mama! *hehe* true what!

As claimed in my previous post, I didn’t managed to do any LO. In fact I haven’t started one yet. Yes I know, its pathetic and sad. LOL!! Hopefully I have free time this weekend!

Nonetheless, we have been planning to attend Jazz’s class on making the flowery bloom. I have seen the real thing at her place and daym was I amazed! Its really beautiful. I doubt that I can make one like that during the class session. As I might cannot help myself on “scrutinizing” her scrapping materials! huhuh…

Anyways, I am so excited!! Don’t wanna speak too soon actually but I AM REALLY EXCITED!! :D

~la la la la la la~

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