February 16, 2008

whats your space like?

This is my scrapping space! LOL! I wish!! Isn't this one cool scrapping space?! Credits to this duo site.

Will make at least ONE LO this weekend... fingers crossing though..depending on my free time flexibilty with the kids.. huhu!

Happy Scrapping Weekend!


pinkelephantsandbuttons said...

yo! tegugur jua jaw ku lah 8 1st, tot bnr wah ur place catu since u did mention u hv a s pace for ur scrap thingy..atu rajin ku krumah mu tu eh hahaha sanggup!atu bnr how i wish!

Vivs said...

alin>> hehehe! gotcha! awuehh mun banar mine, you are always welcome!

Creative B Bee said...

Wah! So jealous!!!! Are u sure u are part time scrapper????