February 14, 2008

more energy (and spending)!!

Just a quick post on what ive been up to these couple of days.

Made another seven more charity tags for scrapping kids (if only i have free time, i could do more...*sigh*) and managed to submit 'em to jazz just now.. yay! finally.. :) Do forgive me if their qualities are not above standard. LOL!

i must learned how to take a better angles..huhu

Last night, i also made my first hand made greeting card for one of our close cousin, Ka Inaz. *grins*. So okay i know it wasn't that great but its something for her to remember, im pretty sure. hehehe. She'll be leaving for Oz tomorrow, taking her master degree in....umm..okay i don't know what course! yikes. huhuh..

I guess it wont be that long, and we gonna see her in few years time.... gonna miss you ka...

dont forget our dimsum date when you return back to bwn.. :)

Oh last week, while having the tag-making get together at jazz, we had real fun! Met new scrapping friends and admiring at each others art. We should do that again ladies! :)
I also had a real fun, browsing through all the scrapbook items on displays!! *haha* seriously i cant resists them! Alin kept 'nagging' at me that i should stop looking and grabbing them embellishments cos she would do the same! LOL! Awuu yatah..baiik jua masatu musim "hujan", if you know what i meant! :P Jadi rumah ku ketiga tu karang after my office! LOL! kidding.

bought more than i need......

...err i dont care 'cos i heart them!! huhu.. :D

more power to our local scrapping!!


Wati Basri said...

thanks for supporting SK Cares...love the tags! received it via Jazz and its lovely :)

mommy vivs said...

no worries wati..we all are delighted to be part of it. :)