March 3, 2008

back with more!!

new templates are up!

thankfully i finally managed to retrieve some of my previous templates. oh gosh, blogger is a little bit hard to 'tame'. wordpress is easier for me but it has limited widgets unlike blogger.

anyway, i wish to post a little update on my newly entered scrapping world. tee-heee... :)

i have attended a 'bloom' class at jasmin's , together with none other than my scrapping partner, alin. met a couple of scrappers such as renoa and emily as well. both were so nice and talented. :)

so the 'bloom' making was actually easier than i expected. the hardest part were just a lot of paper cuttings to do in accordance to the templates given. emily was the quicker one to finish hers since she is a seasoned scrapper. the whole process was really amazing. i mean, the inventor, aida haron sure a genius! *hehe* i surely had fun then though a little bit stress up and lost count of my petals! LOL!! honestly i had to redo them back at home.

...made for my lil baby!


this morning i also managed to do a LO requested by my sister for her son. she insisted on using her A4 size printed photos only so it was a bit easy. i simply put on some embellishments by MAMBI and Scrapworks Alphas, all are ready to be frame!

its really a simple LO but she loves it!


also tried altering frames of ikea and here's the outcome... "calieeee" huhu..

first trial

second trial

alright.. gonna put this off.

Happy 2nd Birthday my precious 'Alya!! :)


Wati Basri said...

nice bloom!

mommy vivs said...

Hey wati! all thanks to jasmin for holding up a 'bloom' making session! hehe now cant get enough of blooms!