March 8, 2008

bizz buzz

This is a hypothetical brief letter from a new business person to her cousin, being the (first) client.
Dear AA, Since you are my first client, I am proud to say that you are entitled to a special discount. Any orders made excluding the delivery fees will be at the lowest price. Let us have your theme preferences and budget wise.

As a kind gesture, I will appreciate if you can help me to promote my business to your friends.

Hope to receive more of your orders in the near future.

Thanks & regards,


I will appreciate if you can help me to promote my business to your friends." - Atu yg mahal tuu...!

Principally, marketing IS necessary in business. As a newcomer in the business industry, without proper survey and marketing, you may failed. Speaking this based on close experiences. So does scrapbooking. To my point of view, this is still a new thing to our people. A perfect example is myself. I just knew bout scrapbooking last year in 2007 and only knew bout it from her, the BigSis. I can see the stuffs are very expensive and pricey but since I went a little bit craaazy, i just didnt care. LOL. Only depends on my financial stability though haha!

Eversince then, i am all hooked. macam besabu LOL!! nadawahhh~~

Anyways, I did make a LO for a cousin. It was meant for her friend who will be going back to Johor Bahru tomorrow. She requested a 8.5x11 layout with a simple theme and wanted me to finish em by today. eeeppss!! I wasnt in my creative mood last night, so i went simplicity. heheehe apakebendee..

just hope she will like it. Simple is my middle name hehehe apakan.

pardon me of the bad lighting


Made a small purchases at Laines recently. I went crazy all over cos it was really a packed sb shop! haha sakaii


okay now here's another brain buster. what is wrong with the picture below?

trying out mommy's shoes eh? this is my nephew actually.

OMG! I am really pathetic. seriously got nothing to show and tell more, so i should be putting this off. till then, take care.

please have the real love for scrapping!



Alin said...

haha pacah ku eh li8 gambar ah..jgn sampai basar eh..members dang!

mommy vivs said...

hehehe don worry will not be..