March 23, 2008


weekend is heaven. even the road leading to the newly opened Giant store still 'heavenly' jammed! although the store is only few kms away from our crib, we still haven't managed to drop by. whats all the fuss anyway. soon like after a month, it'll be less crowded... right!

know what?
i am really a scrapbook shopaholic now! its super addictive! bought more than i needed!
do i need help?? :P

i am worried. i wanted to start scrapping. its really hopeless. totally none creative juices flowing inside me. :( To Alin, hey you're not alone babe. im stuck as well.

i feel i turned into the most boring person lately.

but here's something to cheer me up.

therefore I am..

* Creative

True enough huh? :)

here's a couple of flowers (maybe) to get me started.


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