March 20, 2008

Didnt you have enough?

........Nooo!! LOL! This should be my 2nd post for today. I just love the holidays despite tend to eat a lot in between times! huhu

This morning, made an online purchase from shabbyprincess for a few of their digital kits. Bought something nice and vibrant in colors. I was hooked onto the laptop almost the whole afternoon. earlier was working on a surprise LO for him, after much hinting and coughing deliberately made on my cbox! LOL!! :p Still working on it though...... relax arrr..!

Further Ive finished a digital scrap using some of the newly purchase shabbyprincess kits. It took a very long time to download all of 'em despite i only bought like 2 mega kits and 4 add-ons embellishment. nevertheless, i used up some of the digi freebies in my file collections and voila!

rock on with Orange baby!!

Wanted to watch the korean my girl dvd today and dropped by at my in-laws, but since it was raining outside since afternoon and totally hooked on to scrapping, i declined the dvd session. Hubby was busy with his forex trading dummies book whilst little 'Alya is doing random things of her own. No functions to attend to today.

Its raining heavily again outside. I gotta get ready for dinner.

Cheers !

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