April 20, 2008

my 1st

Scrappin Kids Forum are having this 1st Blog Challenge. Thought it be fun to join in. Here's mine to share.

What was your first......

1. SB item bought? PP and stickers embellishment
2. layout? my cousin's for her birthday
3. concert? Michael Jackson
4. handphone? Alcatel
5. boyfriend's name biggrin.gif? Was it Mr. A or Mr. B? LOL!
6. job? Card Centre Support Staff
7. vacation as an adult? Sentosa Spore
8. pet? Never had one
9. designer handbag? Does UCB counts? *hehe*
10. grade teacher's name? er.... Mr K, i think

I seem to forget some but better left unsaid *teehee* But to the challenge seeker, i dare ya to try your "1st" blog challenge here!

Have fun!! and im off to finish my next challenge LO.....ouch!