April 24, 2008


..........i got attacked by mister blankman for the past four days!! my creative juice ain't flowing that much thus i am stuck with several LOs (inclusive a couple of challenge LOs with deadlines!! ouch) and a mini album half way done!!!! yet, still dont know where to press that panic button! LOL!!

Anyhow, cupcake scrapshop made me a happy girl! April kits are on their way to home! wuhoooo :D

Oh yeah, if you haven't check out Scrappin Kids Forum, do check out for fun happenings, challenges, etc etc!! Currently, SK Forum is having that National Day SK Scrapbook Frenzy!!
Its SUPER FUN! Do come join in peeps!

Aaaannnd...if you are looking for a challenge scrapbook blog, do check Scrap.Inspire.Create.

April's Challenge 1 is ..."{I Often Scrap About...}"

All entries must be submitted before
28th April 2008 (midnight Eastern time)
Leave your blog link that feature your submissions in SIC's Comments in this post


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