April 27, 2008

oh happy day.

Salam readers.

I have been keeping myself busy making few layouts i still owe since Friday. Despite the low creative juice i have been facing since Monday, I finally had at least a quarter after the "Create Mojo" session yesterday afternoon at Jazz. Alin aka BigSis and my new scrapping friend, Mac, were among the attendees. :) Met Poinz earlier but she only dropped by to fetch her new arrival stuffs. I lovee those canvases Poinz! How i wish i could paint well! heeeee!!

Sadly, I wasnt really creating mojos then but two of my babes were really hardworking! Way to go ladies! Cant wait to see 'em creationss! I was busy digging thru all Jazz's stuffs and found this super cheap bargain puncher costs around $32 before the 70% discount!! woohoooo!! Thanks ka Jazz for making me a happy girl, and massive thanks for the felt lace! super cool and feel "sayang" to use 'em. teeheeeeee!!

Ahoy! Now I finally done with my challenge LO. Deadline is 2 days away but thankful for the sudden energy! Here's a sneaky look:-

A LO for my friend. Her lil girl is soo adorable in this picture where she was trying to color her lips. I just had to scrapbook this! :)

8.5x11 LO. Left a blank journal paper for her mother's words.
The lil girl's dad is a (shy) scrapper too y'know.

Pardon me of the poor quality images as my snappy tool wasnt around at this moment.
oh, i missed you already. hope to see you soon.

Enjoy your week ahead!

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