April 29, 2008

Moving on.

Initially my first sort of digi scrapbook creation was way back in 2005. Using the Adobe Photoshop without any skillful backgrounds or techniques, I tend to play around with my old version of Photoshop. And more pictures have been superimposed! LOL! Now that I tend to spend more time on traditional scrapbooking, I rarely design any digital scrapbook nowadays. Even all my previous purchases of ShabbyPrincess kits remain still in my inbox (and to blame the crappy internet connections!), they are still the way it is, untouchable!
Nonetheless, while having a little bit of free time at work (LOL!), Ive completed two digis - two days in a row. Okay, that sums up a digi per day! :P

..with some girlfriends

my two cousins. i just loved this picture! ♥

TFL :)

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feli said...

love this layout vivs! such a sweet piece.. :)