May 10, 2008

watch this space. Celebrate Mothers.

just got back from the scrappin sisters' crib! had our own cropping session, a little challenge, and new photog in the making. :)


So we spent another saturday afternoon cropping get-together.
Organised our own sketch challenge made by BigSis {Alin}. Must complete our challenge LO within 2 hours (kekek...had tea time break in between though!)
Few shots to share herewith taken by Lil Sis.

THE sketch.

THE hard working big sis.

THE complete LO by Her Royal Mojoless.

THE sneak peek from big sis.
{full view will be up in her blog!)

THE winning LO! woohooo!! CONGRATS babe!! :)
{full view will be up in her blog!}

THE spontaneous shot by lil sis.
{various shots can be viewed in their blog, soon!)

That wraps the day. Next crop date, still in discussion. huhu....


Meanwhile, made an altered zinc bucket for my mother on Mother's Day.

We surprised here by putting it on her dressing table as she went out to grandma's since 7pm.

Hope she likes it.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL!! :)

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Wati Basri said...

loving that bucket!!!