May 8, 2008

SK DarNesT Challenge #8

Seriously, my creative juice has been low lately! I surely hope this isn't gonna be the end............ :(

Did a layout for SK Darnest Challenge #8. Like any other two year old, my DD has this tendency to say what she wants, be it realistic or seriously nonsense! LOL! There was this once happened when my DB lost his car key. The main suspect was my DD who was playing with it earlier. When we tried to "interrogate" her, she was in denial and gave all sorts of excuses. But one of her response was totally hilarious.

Us: Where did you hide the keys?

She: “Cicak ambil!” (the house lizard took it!)

Us: LOL!

Frankly, we didn't see that coming!

Here's my entry:

Sincere thanks to SK for holding this cute challenge! :D


Wati Basri said...

vivs...cute lah ths LO..and yr lil princess is sooo cute too!

JazzScraps said...

Aduh!! Comel la Alya tu!!
Cana cicak terambil kunci?! Bari gali ati jua!!