May 3, 2008

Busy weekend

.....since its National Scrapbooking Day!

Okay this gonna be a loooong post.

I've already been keeping myself busy since early this week with the cool happenings at Scrappin Kids Forum especially the National Scrapbooking Day Frenzzy!!! A lot of frenziess goin on til 4th May 2008 which is tomorrow. I have participated in two challenges only. Just sooo didnt dare to join the SK Ultimate Challenge Scrapper! hehee

I woke up early this morning only to finish packing the goody bags swap for the kids of my new scrapbook friends in SK forum. This would be my first time having this kind of moment; worrying, panicking and completing the works!! hehehe!! although felt a little bit tired but i hope the 7 lovely recipient kids gonna like them ;) I sincerely HOPE so.

Here's to share a peek look of the blue elephants making their way to the respective wonderful kids.

Color challenge. Only to use B&W or Sephia photos. No color except for the layouts. It was sure a twisted challenge there. I managed to finish a LO earlier this week having the same rules, about my close friend's family having a vacation somewhere in Malaysia :)

Here's my take:

Well, i think thats it for the SK happenings. Do pops in the SK forum peeps, in case you havent! :)


My sister requested for her plain mini briefcase to be revamped with my overloaded SB stash! haha!! great one sis! :P She asked just for a simple one urgently and not to overdo the professional look of her briefcase which she gonna put all the immigration post control stamps! haha! how cute..

yeah, its THAT simple alright! :D

On a productive post, this afternoon, three of us held our own crop session at my crib. Alin the BigSis was trying to finish her SK forum color challenge while Mac was doing her family thang! We had fun and happy they enjoyed themselves.

here with the busy bees.
if you may notice, i meant the two little kids over the corner. *haha*

here's their decent happy look.

here's the cheeky look!
oh no...hope shes not doing this random thing in her teenage! LOL!
And look at Afiq's look! how handsome! hehehe

Alright thats all folks!
Im off to the next challenge which still need extra mojos to do that! heh

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