June 29, 2008

Bombs of fun!

It was the most memorable event! The SIC Crop Party was like an explosion of fun bombs! It seems everyone has updated their blog. I noticed this lady updated as soon as the party ended. Super fast! hehe... Too bad I didn't take any pictures but there were two photogs there who would captured zillions of potraits and candid shots! heheh..! As mentioned by Ka Jazz in her blog, cant wait of pics from him and him!

And of course, I wish to extend my personal appreciation to Ka Jazz, the SIC crews and the wonderful scrappers! I feel so lucky to have the chance to meet all of you! Thank youS! :")

Something came up, will update laters


{ Yu'er } said...

It's really fun but I was too tired last night... Hope to catch up with you soon!

JazzScraps said...

Ya Yu'er must be really tired cos non-stop after the crop got another event in the evening.

Anyway, thanks so much for such an enjoyable time with you, the crew and everybody else!!

Till the next crop party!