June 30, 2008

Sunday's notes

Oh gosh!! I didn't manage to join Scrap n Crop's online crop forum last night. Didn't do it on purpose. Got something came up yesterday... Two of my granny's close relatives past away. Families attended two funerals in the morning and later in the evening respectively...tell me how would that makes you feel.... Al Fatihah.


Anyway somewhere in lunch hour, we dropped by at my sister's place in KB. It was an one hour journey from BSB. All this, just to hug my niece and nephew!! GOD...i sooo missed them heaps!! to the maximum!! Its been a month i didn't see them. Their mommy works shift hours so Sundays normally is her working shift.

As requested by my buddies, here's the random shots of my three babies!! plus my sister and her DH who initially requested for a family potrait studio-like. But since i am just an amateur and without a proper lens and speed flash, my shots didnt turn pretty! *ahaks* BUT those people in the pictures are adorably precious!
Yeah you may notice the family pictures looked similar but check out the
faces of the little babies .

~an unedited version~


photo courtesy of Fadi

The coverage to the recent SIC Crop Party click here, and it will lead you to here and here.

It was Bank's Half Year Closing for today but our bank was given an off day. Tomorrow is gonna be super busy! I bumped my forehead this afternoon on the shoes rack. At first I didnt feel anything just a a tiny little pain on the bump. SOmehow I feel dizzy.... like right now!!

SHould stop and sleep. See ya peeps!


Chowchow said...

So sorry to hear that there were unfortunates incidents in your family. Do take care and Al Fatihah.

Vivs said...

thank you Mich! appreciate your thoughts. at the same time, felt guilty as well since it was your final challenge hosting.