July 16, 2008

thee love thou

A quick post. Finally done with my mother's request to create two layouts for her close friends. Have them in frames and mother personally picked them up at the frame store.

For both LO, I used the Urban Lily's PP bought from SC. Totally adoreeeee the patterns! Looks so fresh and summer feel!!

Meanwhile, Alin and Mac really made me one happy girl today! They got me 2 beautiful PPs from KCK Craft and Around the Block Tiny Type Alphas which are absolutely cute!! hehehe!! Really didn't expect they bought them for me but I guess the guiltiness resulted the action! LOL! Suffice to say, another one reason I am reaaaally glad I have you both in my never ending circle of friends for life. :)

thanks gals!

Till next post.... in the meantime, do check out www.kadaiku.com and tell me what you think. huhu.......ssshhhh its DH's biz site!

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Edleen said...

Hi Vivi! Thanks for coming by my blog and i love the look of your blog! woohoo...so nice :)

i enjoy looking at your scrap pages and hope to come by more often :)

have a Lovely Week!