July 12, 2008

Just feeling a sudden creative-ness!

Since last week, i have been in a rut.......feeling mojoless........ and too tired to scrap. Somehow, i was "forced" to finish what i still owed other people, otherwise my customers. heee!

A sneaky couple of images from a mini album ( my little shoebox album manufacturer) requested by a friend for her DH's bday gift. All images of his favs Kois'! They bred a very beautiful Japanese Kois.

An accompanying greeting card for her DH.

And I had to start completing two different layouts for my mother's two bestfriends which she needs them by next week. Almost finish now....... *phew* I was doing creative things since 4 pm today until almost 10 PM. I started a bit slow, but few hours later, my mojo was being good to me. LOL! At the same time, I was giving tutorial for beginners; my two younger sisters aged 26 and 11 respectively.

My sister was doing a 12x12 layout for her colleague with a Love theme. She was still doing half way though. Whilst my little sister was a natural. She did 90% all by herself. Here are the two layouts done by my little sis.

Not too bad right? I am so proud of her!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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