September 21, 2008

SK Weekend Challenges

The SK Girls sure have succeeded in this create mojo weekend. The forum weekend challenges is superb! I had super FUN!! For today, I only managed to complete 3 challenges. Started quite late around 7+ PM until now, its already midnight. *yawn*

Showing you some of my entries herewith:

~* Rub & Stamp - hosted by Cookie *~

~* Birthday Card (w/ stamping) - hosted by Adam (Wati's DS) *~

~* Stripey Stripes - hosted by Ka Jazz *~

Nonetheless, deadlines to submit all the 7 challenges are by this coming Sunday, 12 midnight. Will see if I still have some mojo left for tomorrow. Got a couple of other deadlines to catch too! Yikes.



Renoa said...

WOW! Super fabulous!!! totally love it all~ Vivs please gimme some of your mojo and ur F1 engine!! ok tq.. keep em rolling babe!! such a great blog to drool drool~~~ *hugs*

Chowchow said...

Vivi - beautiful takes. Love them all - I especially love the card with the little birdie - too cute!