October 10, 2008


(N.B. this is my 100th post!)

And the subtraction why...?

DH is currently outstationed till the weekend. This is his first time away from DD. Earlier we sent DH to airport. Had dinner together before he boarded the plane. When DH told DD that he got to go, DD said, "*I want to go with you babah (dad)..." and hugged DH tightly. Somehow DD lets DH go after few seconds of hugging... *aawwww* Before DH left our table, DD kissed goodbye and said, "*Take care babah.....".

Man! Hearing that sure made my heart melt and I bet DH too. DD is such an angel... ♥

*Translated from Bruneian Malay to English.


The Lovelies paid me a visit just now. As I didn't prepared and cooked something special for them, they requested a Teh Tarik instead. Frankly I am not really good at making teh tarik but thankfully it turned out okay *haha* because The Lovelies said "nyaman! nyaman! (yummy!)" but...... they sounded FAKE! LOL! just kiddin.

Thanks for dropping by my place Lovelies! *HUGS*


Yay! Finally half of my groove is back!! Thanks to the Groovie Girls at the Groovie Cafe for sharing the inspiration and made me step out of my comfy zone!

First I did the October Card Challenge; to include Pink & Green as the main color for a Thank You card, hosted by Stephanie.

Believe it or not, I made this card in the wee of 1.00 AM! A side effect of taking a mug of caffeines in the earlier evening.

Then I created this LO based on a book cover featuring Anthony Bourdain. This was hosted by Groovie Ed.

~* shy shy girl *~

Apparently as I was the first one to post my LO, Sophia Soh is also giving away her RAK for the first poster. weeheeee!! Thanks so much Sophia!! :)


Oh yeah. I was checking my mails in the office.. and thrilled to find out that Michelle of M'sian Scrappers Society has informed that she will feature my Purse Album (and it is also a winning purse at Artz de Scrap September Challenge!! weeheee!!) in her blog. It was an honour and I am indeed delighted to share the purse album with others.

Thanks Michelle B! :)

Meanwhile, my Rough IT SK Beyond kit has safely reached me!! Ecstatic is the word!! Cant wait to play with IT. Its really a CUTE pack of kit!

Thanks SK Beyond and Wati B. for your prompt action! :)

ohhh... i am freakishly tired. rushing off to bed now. Pls note this post isn't done yet. will update again later. i have something to share :)

ps. whoaa this post is much brief than i thought.


Renoa said...

That card is my fav!! & that LO is just so groovie!love the paints~ Congrats babe! :D

Edleen said...

your card is Lovely and your take on the Book Cover is Superb!

hope your little one is not missing Babah so much :) we're kinda used to not having their Daddy around here ;)

and i'd like a cup of your Teh Tarik please!