November 23, 2008

Crop @ Jazz

...which was also a hi-tea pot luck event. Meant for our lovely Poinz :)

Yeaah Girls! Pictures are up but for full views only at Facebook under ka Jazz's event. Drop me an email if you want copies of the pictures!

Personalised Cuppies from Citscakes. TQ for receiving our last minute order!

We also had a small frame altering and card-making. Yep, no picture layouts for today. We all were just chit-chatting mainly 'hosted' by ka Dina and Alin! heeeee....! (well most of the time, I'm always the quiet one! bertapa ku dulu hah!)

I only used one PP from Hello Beautiful Webster's Pages for both frame and card (plus 6x12 cardstock though). Ooohh sooo in loveee ♥ with them!

Renoa was there too but she came a little bit late.

I love this Sassafras Lass little icon on my plate!! Apparently, it was gone before I could put it in my mouth...(It could be I ate it earlier but I really cannot remember!) I guess I was suffering from a short memory loss there for a moment!! :p

Anyway, I replaced it with Prima icon! Love this even moree!! ♥

Oh well that wraps up for today. Sleep tight everyone and to Poinz, may you get enough rest before the MEGA day in a couple of weeks time! Yikess!! hehehe

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Taaaa :)


Michelle said...

Yum..... I'm getting hungry with those cupcakes!

Edleen said...

looks like such a fun event!!! those cupcakes must be so YUmmy... wish i could have been there ;)

hope you'll have a good week!

Wati Basri said...

wow...look at those cupcakes..yum yum!! and look at those familiar faces...which i was there!!

Renoa said...

Glad i was there! You certainly CANNOT miss those cupcakes!! they're heaven~ lotsa cream n chocs layered..only ate one coz i had my lunch earlier..

It was fun and i'm loving their frames n cards! :D