November 16, 2008

Some Love ♥

I received this raw tag and some "condiments" from Miss Talented Ed. A challenge to alter it for the November Groovie mini challenge at the Groovie Scraps Cafe. If you're looking for a groovie challenges, pop in the forum and feel the grooove!

~* The Raw Stuffs *~

~* The Finished Product *~


Another year, another older, another birthday, another reminder to live life to the fullest!

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We probably just enjoying a good lunch with the family later and opt for a movie with some friends. hehe!

Thanking all to friends for the lovely wishes left. May God bless you! Love yous!! ♥
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Oh I am currently working on some deadlines...where have all the time went..???!
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Have a gorgeous day everyone! ♥


Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Happy Birthday Vivs! Hope you had a great day. Lovin the tags, lots of cute little details!

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog, I finally got it updated lol. I'm always curious how people find it lol Keep in touch and luv your work.

jazsutra said...

Happy Birthday Vivs!!! and OMG,u did such a fab job with Ed's Project!!!

Edleen said...

Happy Birthday Vivi!!!
hope you're celebrating it to the fullest :D

glad you got the tag and you did a Wonderful job altering it! woohoo...

Lating Panda said...

Happy Belated Birthday deary, Viv.(Sorry, :( Better late than never)
May you have a smashing days coming along in your career, work. life and family.:)

With love and a smooch from Elda.
**I love you candies hehehe.