November 20, 2008

Somethin New

Geezz... I don't know where to start. So I replaced a new header for my blog. Still maintaining the apple of my eye as the image background. :) DD has grown up so fast right before my eyes. Within four months, she'll be turning to three years old! Seriously, where did all the time went people???

Here's sharing something I never thought a two year old plus would act. I skipped my dinner earlier. Cooked something simple for DH though. My mother on the other side, ordered pizza delivery. While I was busy scrapping at my table upstairs, DD came to me with something in her hands.

She brought for me a slice of honey garlic pizza and a garlic bread! awwww....isn't she's the sweeeetest thing????!!! ♥ So I ate the pizza, the bread and shared them with DD. That made me smile all night, forever :)

So I received some birthday love from the girlfriends, the lovelies, the colleagues and His Majesty. Naaahhhhh kidding!!! :D

~* Pretty Handmade Cards
from the Girlfriends and the Colleagues*~
You know who you are ;)

~* The Memories from the Lovelies She *~

~* Sweet Love Spell from the Lovelies MrsA *~

Most of all, I am happy that I am surrounded by wonderful, loyal people that I deemed to call FRIENDS! ♥


On a different note, I got tagged by Groovie Sophia Soh! Done this tagged before though but wouldn't hurt to do it again :D

~* The Rules *~

My 7 random / weird facts:

1. I don't talk much cos sometimes its better to just listen than talking (no hurt feelings though!). I am someone that people might label the QUIET GIRL. Sshhh... :)

2. I like the smell of petrol. ???

3. Sometimes I feel a sudden nervous breakdown, for no reason. Why?? Don't ask me. I also still cannot find the answer up till now. Scientifically it could be hormone changes??

4. If I wanted something, I would do anything to make it mine. But once I got them in my possession, the excitement just flew off and so the "it things" are all by themselves again. LOL! What a waste!

5. I love durians!! Gimme gimme gimme~more~ yeahh!

6. If I was late for work, I can get myself ready withing 5 minutes! LOL!! Yeahh sadly, so true. You get the picture. ;)

7. I like number seven. Seven is a sexy number to me. hehehe

Oooppss...there goes my sexy seven facts. teeheee

So I gotta rush off to bed. My body needs plenty of rest and the same goes to my eyes. It has been an irritating days for me lately...

Oh so cant wait for December!!

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