November 21, 2008

Shabby Chic's Amazing Scrapping Race

To my surprised, I have completed all six pages in conjunction with their birthday celebrations challenges. Lets recap:

Page #1

Page #2

page #3

Page #4

page #5

page #6

To conclude, had all fun creating layouts. At least I have used up 70% of my mounting supplies... hah!

Thanks for looking! ♥


salme said...

Gorgeous layouts! I love the "I Scrap because"

Renoa said...

It's EYE CANDY time!!!
I'm staring my eyes on each of your beauties..sigh~ you've used your supplies extravagantly wohooo!!! Way to go gal! Beautiful!

eMeLiNe said...

LOVE the last page ! inspiring :) !all of them ...